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Black History Month 2022: Love is Freedom – Artist Intro Trevon Rogers, Tor Serrano, & Sovanarry Phy

Nepo+ Salton Sea Artist Collective "Sneak Peek" Introduction: Trevon Rogers and his business partner, artistic collaborator and lover Skarlet established the brand AGAPELUH which focuses on a message that love is freedom


Trevon and Skarlet, artists of many forms, came together to create a brand inspired by their relationship to change the narrative you see in the world: being that love is shallow and self-serving. They love expressing themselves by any means necessary.

"In a world where most relationships are conditional, we want to provide insight on the opposite which is unconditional love. Love is freedom in its entirety, love is taking another as your own, love requires removing expectations."

Trevon Rogers will be featuring his paintings and illustrations at the Salton Sea Pop-up nonprofit event sponsored by The EcoMedia Compass® on April 23, 2022.

Click to RSVP today and see his and many other talented artists work live! We are also in the process of collecting donations to help build the large structures that will hold and display the artists' submissions, tools and other resources to bring this event to life!

Click to Donate today and we can send you exclusive artists prints, merch and other awesome educational collateral about the Salton Sea conservation mission!

"Stacks Consciousness" Spray paint and acrylic on canvas, 4 foot squared.

$500.00 Sale Price

Visit to purchase this piece today!

Trevon and Skarlet have a whole inventory of graphic tees, fanny packs, african black soap. hair products, and so much more! They can even create custom projects like rugs, coffee tables and surf boards! Contact them for more information!


Nepo+ Salton Sea Artist Collective "Sneak Peek" Introduction: Tor Serrano and their business partner, artistic collaborator and best friend Sovanarry Phy established the brand NEPO+ which focuses on a mission to restore the economic growth and quality of life for a greater global community



July 17, 2021

Nepo+ Community, Art, and Technology's 1st Salton Sea Team Meeting with Artist(s) and Collaborator(s) Attendees: Tor Serrano, Sovanarry Phy, Emery Nolasco, Trevon Rogers, Arkar Hein, Shane Gundelfinger

August 13, 2021

September 18-19, 2021

October 23, 2021

October 25, 2021

December 7, 2021

December 30, 2021

January 15, 2021

January 16-19, 2022

January 24, 2022

January 31, 2022

February 1, 2022


Feb 1, 2022

Tor Serrano's Black History Month Oil Painting: Martin Luther King Jr. & Wife Coretta Scott King – Titled "Unconditional Love"

Happy Black History Month! This blog post's artistic theme is the power of unconditional love! This kind of love is often thought of as a concept exclusively for couples, family members, and close friends however, it can be found amongst complete strangers through acts of unique kindness and selflessness. 2021 was a unforgettable year; from the continuation of racial prejudice and police brutality in the US, to the ongoing genocide in Burma, or the lack of aid and resources for the African continent as the deadly COVID-19 variants spread like a wildfire, strife and suffering was experienced across our global community.

Because of the seemingly cyclical nature of our global history it is easy to lose hope and feel as though the world will always be the same. That no impact of your own will ever be felt or effect any real change, at least that's how it started to feel for me. In reaching out to other fellow creatives I began to realize that there were in fact a large number of people who regardless of the sinking feeling; specifically that which is experienced by POC's and other minority groups, wanted to help others and build towards a better, more equitable life experience for us all.

Unconditional love to me is making space for the other person, considering them and the way they experience the world. Unconditional love to me is a continued seeking of knowledge through both conversation and research. My hope is to help teach the future generations to love unconditionally and accept all sides of our global history. All of the truths especially the oscure, scary ones because we can't heal that which we refuse to see, hear, or touch.

While I was researching various photographs for this painting I stumbled across some information (*Keep in mind I still need to look more into the validity of it since it is based off of "anonymous" letters written to his wife). Regarding the reference picture I ended up choosing featuring Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King 1965, he supposedly had extramarital affairs during his time in Selma when his wife accompanied him. Which was a rarity because of their fear of assassination which would leave their children orphaned.

I in no way want to assume to diminish his legacy as a great man. Moreover, given the other difficulties in their marriage besides the constant death threats, it is interesting to see this individual depicted as an imperfect man, who still did great things for his community.

Also, I had mostly only ever seen black and white photos of him throughout school so to see him in full color made me think of the way our american school system likes to distances ourselves from the past as if it was a lot longer ago than it actually was. Overall making it easier to separate ourselves from larger societal problem.

But, more than anything it was heartwarming to know that Mrs. King stood by his side because she supported the great work he was doing and she knew that he was good man who took care of the people, regardless of his flaws.

There is this saying that I keep seeing circulated that "hurt people, hurt people" and that "healed people, heal people" which I disagree with and think is an ableist narrative all together because we are all hurt and broken in some way so to demonize those individuals is to demonize yourself. It is impossible for us to be fully healed when our society continues to ignore and perpetuate the same backwards narratives. So contrarily, I believe most definitely that "hurt people can heal people".

MLK Jr. *might have emotionally hurt his wife yet he healed mass amounts of people with his good works, heroism and selflessness. And, Coretta S. King *might have been emotionally hurt by her husband yet she healed him by accepting his flaws and standing by his side which led to the healing of several generations of people across the US and helping to set the precedent for the message of desegregation and equality for all across our greater global community.

Closing message: Thank you, Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King for your sacrifices and unconditional love. it is a powerful freedom unlike any other. Rest in Paradise King's!

Details about this painting and progress pictures/videos are coming soon – Tor Serrano

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