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If you would like to book a Private Painting Workshop at the NEPO+ Long Beach Art Studio whether its a damas (ladies), theydees (gender non-conforming / mixed gender), or hombres (mens) night, a gradauation celebration, or a date night we'd love to help you host! Sign-up for one of our in person painting workshops available during our regularly scheduled open gallery hours. This workshop is $30 per person for 2 hours, so please indicate how many people will be in your group (there is a 9 person limit). Please keep in mind we will need to confirm the availability of our instructors before your booking can be finalized and please allow for rescheduling in case of non-availability. Your instructor will send you an email to confirm scheduling and finalize your event details. All of the resources and materials will be included. An 8 in x 12 in canvas is provided however, you may purchase a larger canvas onsite if preferred. In this workshop we will be using a combination of tempera and acrylic water based paint. Please let the instructor know of any stimuli sensitivities, allergies or communication accommodations needed in your booking submission. Ouside food and drinks are welcome however there is no alcohol allowed onsite.  

Adult group workshops ages 18+ are not required to have a Caregiver (18+) present for the full duration of the course unless special assistance is needed. However, Caregivers are always welcome to wait in our gallery cafe area where they can enjoy light refreshments and read books from our open library at their leisure.

Please note that our staff will not be able to assist them if they need to use the restroom, therefore they will need to be fully self-sufficient or have a qualified personal aid present. Thank you for understanding.  


Image above Friday the 13th private group paint night workshop.


We are constantly looking to improve our workshop experiences and your feedback is important! Please feel free to leave your comments in the suggestion box at our Long Beach location. 

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