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Artist - 2022 SOS Earth Day

NEPO+  Artist Collective

"Sneak Peek" Introduction:



Dee Polovitz

Pronouns: She/Her


Dee, a long time desert resident, is an artist working in many different mediums, including glass, jems, bronze, and assemblages of different materials. 

Dee Polovitz will be featuring her glass works and jewelry at the Salton Sea Pop-up nonprofit event sponsored by The EcoMedia Compass® on April 23, 2022.


Click to RSVP today and see his and many other talented artists work live! We are also in the process of collecting donations to help build the large structures that will hold and display the artists' submissions, tools and other resources to bring this event to life!


Click to Donate today and we can send you exclusive artists prints, merch and other awesome educational collateral about the Salton Sea restoration mission!

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Dee Only Accepts Cash

Purchase Artwork Onsite

Please use the promo code nepocat so 10% of the sale goes back to the Desert Shores community.

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