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SOS Visual Artists

Awareness, is a key element to transforming a community.  We understand that each community carries their own essence and local problems. In order to aid the larger issue, we believe using a simple method called ArtCupuncture, where a Pop-Up Gallery is used to activate the site, attract the public and sustain a community with a now solution. This year's pop-up gallery focus will be at the Salton Sea in collaboration with Ecomedia's Earth Day Event.

SOS Visual Artists

Steven Zirblis

SOS Performance Artists

Coconut Spaceship 

Coconut Spaceship is a Venice Beach based record label and creative marketing company specializing in consulting, promoting and developing emerging Los Angeles artists and businesses. Our mantra is music that transcends time and space. Founded by Bolivian-American musician & creative entrepreneur Jeanna Fournier. continue reading >>

Planet LA Records

Planet LA Records an independent label, music publisher and brand marketing agency founded in 2009 by Mark Nguyen, based in Los Angeles, California. Passionate about creating partnerships through events, digital media and other platforms, we help artists better achieve their creatives pursuits while brands benefit from the greater awareness. continue reading >>

SOS Performance Artists
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SOS Intern Team

To our team of interns from EcoMedia Compass, Planet LA Records, and Coconut Spaceship, NEPO+ appreciates all of the time, efforts and experience your insights have brought to our  Pop Up Exhibition for the Salton Sea Community.

SOS Leadership Team

April 23, 2022: In collaboration with EcoMedia Compass, Planet LA Records, and Coconut Spaceship, NEPO+ is hosting a Pop Up Exhibition to raise awareness about the current environmental impact experienced by the Salton Sea Community.


Event Address: 3713 Capri Lane, Thermal CA 92274




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