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With this pride, we wanted to incorporate visibility for interracial love within the lesbian community. Women have always experienced discrimination but women of color experience it on a level that affects not only their physical body but also their very soul increasing attacks on their mental health which deteriorates further in discriminatory communities that do not support them dating outside of their race or ethnicity. In some societies, women are celebrated as givers of life and healers however, when women choose to enter same-sex love and no longer "contribute" to that society through procreation they become a threat to the very institution that propagated the notion that a woman's value is linked to their ability to make babies. This depiction of a lesbian couple kissing in the reflection of a large tea kettle references "cottage core lesbians" and proves romance is not dead and can be found all over the world if you are willing to accept it in all its beauty and diversity. Let's rewrite our own love stories. This sticker was designed by local Long Beach artist "Beastie T" You can follow them on Instagram and TikTok linked below.



Piping Hot Love

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