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Please note:

  • Custom doll bodies and accessories are sold separately.
  • You need to RSVP with the workshop instructor to schedule your visit to the nepo+ art studio in Long Beach, CA, and create your Corlaine Look-a-like doll.
  • Please visit the RSVP page to submit a request before purchase.


Come join us for a spooky and creative night of crafty fun in our September-October Spooky Sculpt Workshop! Led by our resident nepo+ horror artist Beastie T, you'll get to build a look-a-like Coraline-style doll. All supplies including paint, brushes, wire, yarn, and clay will be provided. We'll show you how to sculpt the design you want and you can paint it to your heart's content! Don't miss out on this unique and creative experience.

    Coraline Look-A-Like Doll Head

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